Dr. J.M. (Jaap) Vleugel


When I studied General Economics, my professor in Macro-Economics (Huisman) once told us to be prepared to work in a completely different area after your graduation. This advice came in a period of economic recessions. It told me not to stick too much to a specific field, but explore many (related) fields, looking beyond the limits of monodisciplinary approaches. My work with interdisciplinary teams is the likely final act of a long play. Having a broad and deep understanding of many things gives many degrees of freedom when dealing with practioners, colleagues and students. Interestingly, technology is a black box in economic theory, while here at TU Delft engineering is my prime focus. When appropriate, Economics provides an extra toolkit.

Jaap Vleugel

Senior researcher / lecturer

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  • Building 23
    Civil Engineering and Geosciences
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    2628 CN Delft
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