Coronavirus update: relaxation as of 5 June means big step forward for X

News - 02 June 2021 - Communication

At the press conference of Friday 28 May, it was announced that the third step in the opening plan could be brought forward. Yes! This means that as of 5 June, X will be able to expand its offer considerably. This affects our indoor activities more particularly, as much more is now possible: we can finally start up indoor ticket hours again, associations can resume their training sessions inside, and Cafe X will be open fully.

Ticket hours
Let's go! We are going to start up various indoor ticket hours, ranging from spinning and yoga classes to Thai boxing and MMA. In addition, we are expanding the outdoor ticket hours, in terms of both the schedule and the maximum number of participants. And if the weather is bad, classes will not have to be cancelled but can take place indoors. The new schedule with all ticket hours starts on Monday 7 June, so keep an eye on the website.

Indoor associations
The indoor sports associations can start their training sessions indoors again; the practicalities for each sport will be worked out with the associations concerned. Cultural associations will also be allowed to rehearse indoors again; this includes dancing, theatre, singing and making music. Specific conditions apply for each discipline, and these will be investigated and set in cooperation with the associations. Are you curious to find out what is possible again within your association? Find out from the association.

1.5-meters social distancing
As of 5 June, 1.5-meters social distancing will cease to apply to team and contact sports, for example soccer, volleyball and dancing. The 1.5-meters measure will, however, remain in force for those sports in which 1.5-meters social distancing can be maintained, such as the ticket hours for BBB, spinning, yoga, etc.

Cafe X
As of 5 June, Cafe X will be open again inside and the closing time will be extended to 22:00! In addition, up to four people will be allowed at a table, both outside on the terrace and inside. Upon arrival, you must register using the online registration form and you must meet the requirements of the health check. Please observe the existing corona measures, so observe 1.5-meters social distancing at the table and wear a facemask inside when you get up from your table.

Reserve spaces
Would you like to reserve a space for training or rehearsing as a group? Many rooms will accommodate multiple people at the same time again. The maximum number of people per room depends on ventilation, traffic flows and the 1.5-meters measure. Check out the options on the page Book a space as an X member.

Changing rooms, showers and lockers
The changing rooms, showers and lockers will remain out of use for the time being. We are first concentrating on safely scaling up all activities. After that, we will gradually make these facilities available again.

Summer programme
The relaxations will make it possible for X to offer you a fun and vibrant summer! If you are staying at home and/or in the Delft area this summer, you are more than welcome to join our summer programme, which will be starting on 5 July. It will be chock-full of courses, ticket hours, events and more. We’re really looking forward to it, you too? Stay tuned.