Participatory action research

News - 19 December 2019 - Communication BK

New Horizon 2020 project UPLIFT aims to provide insight into the structural drivers of intergenerational inequalities within the European Union, focusing on vulnerable young people. Researchers from Management in the Built Environment will coordinate the participatory action research, involving the young people themselves to develop innovative policy solutions.

The close collaboration with young people will lead to innovative policy solutions that increase the life chances of the younger generation. The newly developed policies will be implemented and tested in urban areas in Estonia, Romania, Spain and the Netherlands. One of these urban areas is the city of Amsterdam. Here, new integrative housing concepts for young people will be developed in collaboration with housing association De Key.

More information
For more information on the project, contact researchers Joris Hoekstra, Martina Gentili or Marja Elsinga (MBE).