Start up geoFluxus wins first price EU DATATHON

News - 17 November 2020 - Communication BK

GeoFluxus, a spin-off from the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment wins the 1st price at the EU DATATHON Green Deal Challenge. This competition invites teams from all over the world to create applications for European open datasets to solve one of the four main challenges the continent is facing. A necessary requirement for the competition was to use at least one dataset coming from a H2020 project. 

GeoFluxus has been shortlisted from 121 submissions after having presented their open-source platform for waste mapping and analytics. Datasets from 11 European regions connect industrial waste producers with respective waste treatment facilities. The platform relates those waste flows with EU open data on greenhouse gas emissions with data on transport, the economic sector and waste treatment. It provides governments and companies with evidence-based insights and solutions on which economic sectors, materials and locations hold the highest potential for waste and emissions reductions in transition towards a Circular Economy.

The team has used the data coming from the recently finished REPAiR (Resource Management in Peri-urban Areas: Going Beyond Urban Metabolism) and still ongoing CINDERELA (New Circular Economy Business Model for More Sustainable Urban Construction) H2020 projects, led by dr. Alex Wandl and prof.dr. Arjan van Timmeren.

The winning startup team consists of Arnout Sabbe, Rusne Sileryte, Vasileios Bouzas and Evert Van Hirtum. The price will used for the further promotion of their work across the EU.

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