Architecture Drawing Prize 2021 for hand drawn graphic novel

News - 14 December 2021 - Communication BK

With his submission ‘Reconfiguring Addis Ababa’s Narratives – Storytelling for Architecture’ Antonio Paoletti, - master student of, and now alumnus- of the Global Housing graduation studio ‘Addis Ababa Living Lab’ (2019-2020) was announced the winner of the hand-drawn category of the international Architecture Drawing Prize. Antonio combined the results of ethnographic research, developed during the studio's fieldtrip to Addis Ababa in November 2019, with his superb hand-drawing skills, to illustrate his graduation project for the Talian sefer, using the format of a graphic novel.

Graphic novel

“This graphic novel, does not only represent the result of a micro-ethnographic and historical research but it turns even into a powerful tool to project narratives into the future“, says Antonio Paoletti. “Using graphic techniques borrowed from the architecture discipline, this graphic novel aims at bringing together representations of everyday life in the sefer (neighbourhood), that show how human life shapes its environment and vice versa. The present work not only portrays the architectural qualities and spatial relationships, but also reveals the hidden narratives of ordinary stories and draws inspiration from their reality to imagine new possibilities”.

Reconfiguring Addis Ababa's Narratives - Storytelling for Architecture. Antonio Paoletti, 2020

The jury

The jury included Ken Shuttleworth (Make Architects), Louise Stewart (John Soane’s Museum’s Exhibitions Curator), Lily Jencks (Lily Jencks Studio), Narinder Sagoo (Foster & Partners) and was chaired by Paul Finch (programme director of the World Architecture Festival, and editorial director of Architects’ Journal/Architectural Review). “This impressive drawing uses an unusual format to place narrative and the impact of buildings on peoples’ lives at the heart of architectural drawing. This approach highlights the vibrancy of architectural drawing today, and the way it facilitates creativity and experimentation”, states Louise Stewart.

Header: Reconfiguring Addis Ababa's Narratives - Storytelling for Architecture. Antonio Paoletti, 2020

More information

The Global Housing graduation studio ‘Addis Ababa Living Lab’ of the Architecture & Dwelling group of the Department of Architecture ran for two years (2019-2021) and is a supportive component in the ongoing research project ‘Addis Ababa Living Lab: Creating Resilient Dwelling Clusters for Urban Resettlement in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’, which is jointly funded by NWO-WOTRO and TU Delft (2019-2023).

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