Student work Stad × Ruimte: Cross-section thinking

News - 27 November 2021 - Communication BK

The underground is given more space in the design of the built environment. The Flemish-Dutch design study Stad × Ruimte collaborated with the interdisciplinary master design studio Architecture & Urban Design by having students emphasize the cross-section during the design process. The student work, that explores the opportunities of building and living underground in Amsterdam and beyond, can be seen in an exhibition together with the work of the professional design teams.

Together with professionals

The views of the students are diverse, with the exploration of the subsurface as common denominator. However, this background is not the main topic for every case. In line with the background of the design studio, the students are also looking for solutions that fit the cities in other areas. Topics relating to densification, mobility, social encounters, and the energy transition therefore also play an important role in the development of the plans.

The students, with Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape Architecture backgrounds, followed the entire program of the design study Stad × Ruimte, drawn up by the cities of Leuven, Mechelen, Ostend, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Maastricht. The results of the students can be seen in the exhibition Sub terra - New roots for underground urbanism in Arcam, Amsterdam -.

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