BlendEd learning platform now online

News - 27 September 2022 - Communication BK

BlendEd is a platform for new interdisciplinary classes, modules and courses on urban topics from both a social science and design and planning perspective. It displays 26 educational videos, covering the topics of Sustainable Housing, Strategic Urban Planning and Heritage Values. 

The aim of BlendEd is to create a learning environment and opportunities for a mix of students from different disciplines and locations to discuss and address urban issues on a global scale.

Online and face-to-face

Blended Learning combines online educational materials and tools with traditional face-to-face classroom training methods. The online components allow students to study remotely and set their own pace of learning. E-learning elements may include video materials, lectures, quizzes, online discussions or games. Students are not only watching or listening to the content, but are also "doing" it and interacting with each other. 

The face-to-face (f2f) teaching moments help to deepen the understanding of the knowledge acquired at a distance and can take the form of role-plays, discussions, feedback moments, and flipped classroom settings.

Additional expertise

The Faculty of Architecture and  the Built environment (BK) and the Institute for Housing and Urban Studies (IHS) at Erasmus University (EUR) both have renowned and distinctive educational programmes. Although they operate in similar disciplines, they offer complementary approaches. 
IHS/EUR offers educational programmes from a social science perspective and training for professionals with a strong focus on the Global South. On the other hand, BK offers expertise in design, management and engineering, combined with a strong research portfolio.

More information

BlendEd is an ongoing collaborative project between the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment and the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam. 

From our faculty Dr Darinka Czischke (MBE) is chair of the initiative and Dr Caroline Newton (Urbanism) is a member of the steering committee. Marije Peute, Anja van der Watt and Ramona Scheffer from MBE are involved in the project coordination.

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