Bridges and quay wall restoration with an eye for the environment and the city.

News - 13 June 2022 - Communication BK

City centres have become increasingly busier, and the pressure on the sometimes several centuries-old infrastructure is growing, for example due to freight traffic. Many municipalities in the Netherlands face major maintenance challenges, with costs running into billions of euros. Furthermore, the changes in the short term come on top of major transitions in the area of climate adaptation, circularity, energy and transport.

Amsterdam has set up a programme to investigate about 200 kilometres of quay walls and 800 bridges and, where necessary, to restore these. The capital city seeks solutions with market parties and researchers, and so last year, it joined forces with NWO. and three projects have been awarded. One of the projects is Logiquay by researcher Ruben Vrijhoef.


Many bridges and quay walls in historic city centres, such as in Amsterdam, show signs of overdue maintenance and have reached the end of their technical or functional life. Renovation or renewal is required urgently. This is a large and complex task, not only because of its size, but also because of the impact on the environment and the city. The Loqiquay proposal aims at the development of closed-loop logistics methods and multi-project control solutions to accelerate speed of renovations, increase control, and improving sustainability and circularity including reuse of secondary materials and reduction of transport movements and emissions.

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NWO Project: Logiquay: Adaptive Multi-Actor Multi-Modal Closed-Loop Planning and Logistics for Renewal and Renovation of Urban Bridges and Quay Walls onder leiding van researcher Ruben Vrijhoef of the department MBE.

The consortium consists of the knowledge institutions: Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Technische Universiteit Delft, TNO, Universiteit Twente. The consortiumpartners are: Aannemingsmaatschappij Van Gelder BV, Beens Groep incl. Count&Cooper, City Barging, Gemeente Amsterdam, H. van Steenwijk BV, Nebest BV, Rutte Wegenbouw, Urban Mine.

Header image: photo by Fons Heijnsbroek via Unsplash.