‘Circular extension’ in Circular Awards 2022 final

News - 04 February 2022 - Circular Built Environment Hub

The ‘Circular Extension’ innovative design is one of the three finalists in the Public category of the Circular Awards 2022. This design, which researcher Anne van Stijn from the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at TU Delft also worked on, is a good real-life example of the development and testing of circular components in housing renovation. The winner will be announced during the National Circular Economy Conference on 7 February. 

The transition to a circular built environment is one of the major societal challenges of our times. Researchers from the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment and partners from the professional field are working together to develop and test circular components for the renovation of homes. Examples of these are façades, kitchens and dwelling extensions. By replacing building components – an extension in this case – with circular components during the natural maintenance and renovation periods, we can make the housing stock circular step by step.

Circular Extension can be adjusted to changing housing needs

This circular extension is made up of standardised modules using circular materials. The modules can be mixed and matched, so that the same system can be used to create a range of different extensions. 

This modular system also makes it possible to adjust the extension to meet changing housing needs. It is also easy to replace individual components while the building is in use. And if the extension is no longer needed, the modules can be taken down and used elsewhere.

This circular design allows you to use fewer materials and use them for longer. By now, the Circular Extension has been used in the renovation of sixty homes along Kuilsenhofweg in Amsterdam-Zuidoost.

The Circular Extension was developed as part of the ‘REHAB’ project by TU Delft, AMS Institute, Eigen Haard, ERA Contour, DOOR Architecten and Van den Oudenrijn.

About the Circular Awards

The Circular Awards are awarded to the circular projects and organisations with the most impact. They are organised by Het Versnellingshuis Nederland Circulair! and made possible by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. There are Circular Awards in four categories: Business Large, Business Small, Public and Circular Heroes.

The audience at the National Circular Economy Conference will decide the winners of the Circular Awards 2022 on 7 February.

More information

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