Open access book: Insight - Academic skills for architects

News - 15 June 2022 - Communication BK

The book ‘Inzicht - Academische Vaardigheden voor Bouwkundigen’ (Insight - Academic Skills for Architects) gives an in-depth view of architecture and the built environment as an academic discipline, explicitly addresses the relationship between design and research, and focuses on the practical skills that architecture, urbanism and building sciences students develop during their Bachelor's programme in Delft.

The book is structured in four parts. Part A focuses on the position of architecture and the built environment within science as a whole. Part B focuses on basic skills: generic academic skills for architects. Part C explores specific architecture oriented research methods. Part D, the final part, focuses on practice on the one hand and reflection on the other.  

In recent years, a large author team under a five-person editorial board of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at TU Delft has worked on this open access book. The authors are involved in the modules of the bachelor's programme and represent all disciplines within the faculty: architecture, landscape, building technology, urban planning, management and geomatics.  

Because of this broad set-up, the book cannot only be used directly by students and teachers in the Academic Skills program, but also in other modules. The book is also a reference work for other national and international architecture and built environment programs, providing insight into how the Delft community views the discipline and which academic skills it requires at Bachelor's level.

More information

  • Authors: MaartenJan Hoekstra, Louis Lousberg, Remon Rooij, Willemijn Wilms Floet, Sake Zijlstra.
  • The book can be downloaded here.
  • The book project was supported by 4TU Centre for Engineering Education and realised with the help of the TU library.