Two major grants for faculty: NWA-ORC and ERC

News - 23 March 2022 - Communication BK

Clementine Cottineau (Urbanism) received an ERC grant for her research project SEGUE on economic segregation in cities. Ellen van Bueren (MBE) is the leader of a large consortium that received a NWA-ORC grant for RED&BLUE; a transdisciplinary study on climate-proof cities.

SEGUE-project: modelling Urban Economic SEGregation and integrating explanations across geographical scales

The uneven concentration of people and economic resources in cities hampers the well-being and opportunities of poorer citizens and represents a threat to social cohesion. It is considered a major policy challenge by researchers and international institutions alike. The aim of the SEGUE project is to identify and model the combination of economic, geographical and demographical drivers of urban economic segregation in order to better understand its dynamics. It will harness the potential of fine-grained register data with individual based modelling to simulate inequalities and the policies aimed at reducing them.

RED&BLUE: Real Estate Development and Building in Low Urban Environments

Sea-level rise, land subsidence, extreme rain, and drought: climate change brings new risks  for real estate and infrastructure, especially in urbanized, low-lying deltas. Our cities are valuable assets: as high-quality and inclusive places, as economic drivers, as investments. Adaptation to a changing climate is crucial to retain these diverse values, particularly for the most vulnerable. Transdisciplinary knowledge for climate resilient urban development is needed, but highly underdeveloped. This project brings investors, planners and managers of real estate and infrastructure and academics from relevant disciplines together to co-develop an integrative urban climate governance strategy for a resilient Dutch delta.

Headerphotos: Unsplash, left: Mika Baumeister, right: Wojciech Portnicki

More information

Clémentine Cottineau is an assistant professor in the section Urban Studies of the Urbanism department.

Ellen van Bueren is professor of Urban Development Management and chair of the Department of Management in the Built Environment. The start of the application for this programme was in March 2020 with the expert meeting 'urban real estate and infrastructure: climate risk management' of

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