Three anniversary events that accelerate the energy transition

News - 28 February 2022 - Webredactie Communication

In the fight against climate change – one of the biggest challenges of our time – the energy transition is a crucial weapon. Only if our energy system is carbon neutral by 2050 will we be able to mitigate the effects of climate change. But at the current pace, we will not get there in thirty years’ time. That is why “speeding up the energy transition” is the theme of TU Delft's anniversary year – a year in which the university will reflect on its role in the energy transition, and in particular on how to accelerate it. The three events below are being organised as part of the anniversary year. 

Q-meeting Offshore Wind (in cooperation with Siemens and Van Oord) – 20 april 2022

Offshore wind plays a crucial role in the energy transition, and collaboration is key in accelerating the development and innovation of offshore wind energy. The regular Q-meeting is an initiative of Siemens and Van Oord organised for the Dutch wind industry. By inviting this year’s edition to TU Delft Campus, we want to emphasize that the impact created by research and innovations requires close collaboration with industry, governments and NGO's. With this special anniversary event, we also want to celebrate and share ambitions on future activities, including the Floating Renewables Excellence Centre.

The ambition of the Floating Renewables Excellence Centre is to achieve a tremendous increase in the contribution of offshore renewable energy to a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions European economy. Eighty percent of our oceans are too deep to install conventional offshore renewables mounted on the seabed. To achieve the energy transition to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, floating devices need to be massively deployed at an unprecedented speed. For example, it is expected that floating offshore wind energy alone will reach an installed capacity of at least 150 GW worldwide in the coming 25 years. This is more than four times the global offshore wind capacity installed today.

Want to know more about this event? Please contact Friso Lippmann (Innovation manager Offshore Renewables & Climate Action at the Innovation & Impact Centre) at

Sustainable Transport Event – The path towards zero emission propulsion – 24 mei 2022

As the transport sector accounts for a quarter of energy consumption in the world, decarbonisation of the transport sector plays a critical role in climate change mitigation and the energy transition. To exchange the latest ideas and developments on this subject, TU Delft is organising an event on sustainable transport on Tuesday 24 May. During this event, the challenges and ambitions for producing sustainable fuels and developing the necessary technology to achieve climate-neutral shipping and aviation will be discussed.  As aviation and maritime sectors share a number of common challenges, there will be short co-presentations on the production of renewable fuels, aircraft/ship integration, power trains and the user perspective. Afterwards, there will be plenty of room for discussion with the speakers.

Would you like to attend the event? You can do so by registering via this link. Are you just curious about the event? For more information send an email to Peter Lucas (Innovation manager Hydrogen at the Innovation & Impact Centre) at

Event on the digitalisation of our energy system – date to be confirmed

The digital transformation of the power system will speed up the energy transition. An energy system based on renewables should be stable and reliable, but also agile and flexible. Digitalization brings us the data and insights we need for that. High performance computing and machine learning can help decision-making under uncertainty in an integrated energy system. At the same time, a distributed digital infrastructure is very complex, and may come with challenges we did not face in the energy sector before, such as cyber security. Among other things, the event will discuss whether there are enough professionals specialised in both the energy system and digitalisation, and will look at the Control Room of the Future: the TU Delft control room where cyber security and the resilience of the electricity grid will be increased.

Want to know more about this event? Please contact Arnoud van der Zee (Program manager Energy Transition at the Innovation & Impact Centre) at