3, 2, 1… Space Oasis Delft has achieved liftoff

News - 15 November 2023 - Communication BK

Last September saw the launch of Space Oasis Delft, a new Dream Team with major input from BK. Their goal: designing a fully functional habitat for more than 150 people... on the moon. "This project is so multidimensional!" says Marit Vegt, Team Manager and student at our faculty. "Besides designing, we have to incorporate engineering, 3D rendering, psychology, physical health, and even urban planning."

Marit spent one-and-a-half years bringing the team together and getting permission from TU. "Gathering a team mainly meant: putting up posters and sending messages," Marit explains. "Once I reached the right people, I didn't have to convince them. Everyone on the team is wildly enthusiastic." The second task, getting permission, involved many appointments with both TU and Dream Hall. "We had to prove that we were going to be successful. It took quite some time, but now we already have extensive plans for how we will work together as a team."

I didn't have to convince my teammates, everyone is wildly enthusiastic.

Marit Vegt

The final design for the lunar base has to meet strict requirements in terms of sustainability, circularity, and liveability. Those requirements may sound strange for a project in space, until you consider that transporting materials to the moon is expensive and technologically challenging. You want to be as efficient as possible with capacity, and assemble many parts on-site. At the same time, you want lunar colonists to stay mentally and physically healthy in difficult conditions.

The team of Space Oasis Delft.

Coming soon to an event near you

One big task for Space Oasis Delft was choosing a suitable location on the moon. Marit: "That proved difficult, our engineers spent weeks working on it. You have to think about local conditions, travel time from Earth, available materials, even mental health." Luckily, the team has also found a great partner: studio Foster + Partners. "They have a lot of design experience and international connections, we are very happy with their help!"

Feel free to reach out and ask questions. We'd love to tell you more!

Marit Vegt

In the coming months, the team will do a lot of research. Which knowledge on space colonization is available, which materials are suitable... They are also still looking for a consultant on Biomimicry: design inspired by nature. Marit: "But that is a plan for the long-term." Space Oasis Delft will be sharing many models, updates, 3D images, and other materials throughout the coming year. You will also find them at space-related events. "If you see us, feel free to reach out and ask questions. We'd love to tell you more!"

More information

Space Oasis Delft has a website where they post information. It also has links to their social media channels.
The competition in which the team will participate is called ‘the Lunar or Martian Village’ by the Jacques Rougerie foundation. More information can be found on their website.

Header image: The banner image of this item is by NASA (Unsplash).