BK Launch Entrepreneurship Awards 2023

News - 27 November 2023 - Communication BK

On Thursday, 16 November, the BK Launch Entrepreneurship Award was granted. A total of six already somewhat advanced entrepreneurs were made happy with an Award, between 10,000 and 20,000 euros. The Awards are intended for an entrepreneur with an innovative idea that will change the way we think about the built environment. In addition, three BK Launch Start-Up vouchers were awarded.

BK Launch Awards

The six teams that received the Award are:

  • Architectural Recovery Team (ART), R&D support, 10,000 euros
    Architectural Recovery Team is engaged in designing and developing earthquake-resistant housing solutions that ensure the safety of everyone in vulnerable regions.
    Team of students, professors, architects and engineers.
  • Nevalu, R&D support, 15,000 euros
    Through parametric design, in collaboration with the user, they develop interior objects and street furniture from plastic waste.
    Team: Loy Dönne, Philipp Sieg & Marc Malinowksi
  • Urban Reef, R&D support, 15,000 euros
    Urban Reef designs and creates, through 3D printing, open habitats that stimulate the growth and biodiversity of greenery in the urban environment.
    Team: Pierre Oskam & Max Latour
  • FERA, concept stage, 17,500 euros
    FERA develops green and affordable greenhouses made of bamboo structures, based on the ambition to reduce the impact of deforestation in sub-Saharan areas.
    Team: Daniel Halman
  • Studio Kathryn Larsen, scale-up, 17,500 euros
    Kathryn Larsen is an architect and is now developing 'ReefCircular' from her studio in Denmark: habitat systems for coral and marine animals, made from a material based on shell remains.
    Team: Kathryn Larsen
  • dripvisual, scale-up, 20,000 euros
    The new Environment Act will make partcipation mandatory in all projects in the built environment. Dripvisual has developed a visual tool that informs different stakeholders right at the beginning of the design process.
    Team: Michal Kasperski & Jacek Baczkowski

BK Launch start up vouchers

This incentive prize and start-up voucher, sponsored by the BK Launch partners, was awarded to:

  • Panestry (Casper van Tilburg, Thijs Kalkhoven, Noelle van Kouwen) 
  • Lignitec (Henk Rusting and Thomas Liebrand) 
  • Tom van den Wijngaard 

More information

BK Launch is the platform for innovation and encouragement of entrepreneurship in the faculty of Architecture & the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology. Its goal is to create an entrepreneurial community for student ventures, with a vision to transform the Built Environment. Driven by ambitious students active with a (future) venture in the Built Environment. Facilitated by faculty members and Partners whose knowledge, expertise and investment constitute the foundation of the platform.

The Awards are sponsored by the Capriole Foundation.