Groeifondsgelden for Future-proof living environment

News - 07 April 2023 - Communication BK

With the Groeifondsgelden (National Growth Fund), the Dutch government is investing billions in projects that will ensure long-term economic growth. Recently, the final budget was allocated for the Future-proof Living Environment program, where industrial new construction and renovation solutions are being (re)developed.

The design, construction and engineering sector is characterised by a mostly traditional way of working, great diversity of parties and high degree of fragmentation. As a result, the increasingly complex tasks surrounding housing construction, renovation and maintenance and management of infrastructure cannot be combined with the wishes of citizens and clients. An application to the Groeifonds has now been definitively approved. The awarded proposal aims to solve barriers and create a well-functioning, self-reinforcing, innovation ecosystem.

The program ‘Future Resilient Living Environment: Transition to Emission-Free, Circular and Climate Resilient Buildings and Infrastructure’ realises permanent partnerships and innovation infrastructures through which products, services and knowledge are developed to create a future-resilient living environment, affordable and accessible for all residents.

The projects receiving funding from the Groeifonds for our faculty are:


  • Digital twin; development paving-surfacing; Jantien Stoter
  • Research and development of circular and zero-emission replacement technologies (especially transport movements, construction sites, hubs); Ruben Vrijhoef
  • Utilities in quay walls, particularly energy; Andy van den Dobbelsteen
  • Utilities in quay walls especially design and climate adaptive building of quay walls; Marjolein Pijpers:
  • Input cultural heritage in the design process when renewing quay walls; Carola Hein
  • Living lab learning environment; Ellen van Bueren


  • Digitalization for industrial chains; Paul Chan
  • Redesigning existing cycles; Tillmann Klein

More information

The proposal was initiated from BTIC. The TKI Construction and Engineering (successor to BTIC) is now the consortium's lead partner. Unlike most other growth fund programs, in this program the individual projects and budgets are already defined. Total budget is €100, of which €40 million is conditional. It is expected that projects could possibly start in September 2023.

For questions, please contact the researchers of the mentioned projects.

With the National Growth Fund, the government is investing €20 billion between 2021 and 2025 in projects that will ensure long-term economic growth. These are targeted investments in 2 areas where there are the most opportunities for structural and sustainable economic growth.