In conversation with Ai Weiwei – a retrospective

News - 04 October 2023 - Communication BK

Ai Weiwei is a conceptual artist, political activist and philosopher from China. He was in the Netherlands for the opening of the exhibition 'Ai Weiwei. In Search of Humanity' at the Kunsthal. For lecturer Job Schroën of the master studio Extreme, this was an excellent opportunity to invite Ai Weiwei to our faculty.  There was huge interest in the conversation with Ai Weiwei in the Oostserre. For those who could not attend, the livestream can be found on the BK YouTube channel. 


Ai Weiwei is one of today's leading artists, human rights activist and critic of authoritarian systems of power. An important reason for inviting Ai Weiwei was the subjects of his work, which are also reflected, for example, in the Master studio Extreme Architecture. Here, students are rebuilding Turkey and Morocco after the recent earthquakes. Reconstruction is a technical challenge, but even more so a humanitarian one. A clear link to the exhibition at the Kunsthal. Before this conversation with Ai Weiwei, questions from our students were discussed under the guidance of Dean Dick van Gameren and lecturer Job Schroën.

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Photo's made by: Marcel Bilow