Master student Ahmed Emin Batman ECHO Award winner

News - 08 December 2023 - Communication BK

On Thursday 7 December, the winners of the ECHO Award 2023 were announced. BK Master student Ahmed Emin Batman is the winner of the Bèta Techniek Award. Emin is now a 'well-known' face from his many times viewed TikTok video, with his Turkish parents during his BSc graduation ceremony, with now almost 600,000 views.

In the second year of his studies, Emin took the Honors Program at TU Delft where he chose subjects that primarily impact current social issues and contribute to the diversity and inclusion issue. Within the program, Emin created his own course: Tiny House Design. With a so-called 'Kervan' as a result: an artist in residence on wheels that will actually be built and sent to the earthquake disaster area in Turkey to use art as a medium to heal people from their traumas.

An impression of the interior of ‘Kervan’.

In addition to his studies at our faculty, Emin is also active as a multidisciplinary artist and content creator. Themes of migration, spirituality and interculturalism take centre stage. For example, his pavilion in which three faiths come together (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), the so-called House of All, will be on display at the Van Gogh Museum on November 24 during Vincent on Friday. Batman is also working on his own exhibition with accompanying documentary "Between Tompouce and Baklava," in which he searches for his own identity. "That should be on display in 2024 during 60 years of migration Turkey-Netherlands," Batman says. ,,I just hope I can keep doing things that make my heart beat faster.”.

ECHO Award

Each year, ECHO, Diversity Policy Expertise Centre, invites colleges and universities to nominate socially active students from non-Western backgrounds for the ECHO Award 2023. Students who are eligible for an ECHO Award are students with a non-western background who are actively engaged in society and stand out because of innovation in thinking and acting, organisational ability, social impact and their role as 'critical friend'. 

More information

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