Q-Park Student Award for thesis on mobility hubs

News - 27 November 2023 - Communication BK

Recently, BK master's student Rik van den Bogaerdt won the Q-Park Student Award for his thesis on mobility hubs. A total of 75 students competed and out of 11 nominees, Rik's thesis 'Shared Mobility Hubs in Urban Developments' received the Student Award. He graduated cum laude in the master track Management in the Built Environment. Besides Rik, two more TU Delft students won the Q-Park Award.

Mobility hubs in urban development

His thesis examines how developers can steer upon the integration of shared mobility hubs within urban developments, both in the development and user phases.
It reveals that shared mobility has found its way into the urban landscape over the past decade. Studies increasingly point to mobility hubs as a means of offering shared mobility. However, shared mobility hubs have not yet been extensively studied from an urban development perspective.

The research concluded that the way developers can steer upon the integration of shared mobility hubs, depends on the needs of both the user as well as the objectives of the involved private and public actors. Together this determines the purpose of the hub and the eventual type of hub that is steered upon.

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The other two winners were Govert van Loon from TPM, TU Delft with "Residential self-selection and changes in travel behavior and travel attitudes caused by relocation" and Jolien Meulepas, also from TPM, TU Delft with a thesis on Mobility injustice: focusing on individuals' capabilities and everyday mobility experiences.

View Rik van de Bogaerdt's thesis on the Repository. His graduation mentors were Paul Chan and Erwin Heurkens, both working in the MBE department.

The Student Award is jointly organized by Q-Park and Erasmus University Rotterdam and is open to all European universities and colleges. Since its inception in 2014, hundreds of students have participated with their theses.