The positive changes that female architects bring

News - 08 March 2023 - Communication BK

On the occasion of International Women's Day, with the theme of "Choice Challenge", the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Guangzhou is organising a salon exchange for female architects. The goal is to build an interactive platform between Chinese and foreign female architects and share the growth stories and valuable experiences of female architects. Caroline Newton is invited to join.

The participants include senior architects who are still full of love for design, and young designers who are full of bright visions for the future. They will share what they have given and gained as architects so that more people can understand the positive changes that female architects bring to the industry and society and inspire the next generation. Caroline Newton of our faculty, department Urbanism, is invited to join the panel Voices of Women in Architecture!


Caroline Newton is an urban planner, architect, and political scientist. She addresses the social and political dimensions of design. She wrote a blog post, ‘Celebrating HERstories in architecture and planning on International Women’s Day,’ in which she celebrates the success of a number of women who are her sheroes and who made a difference in the fields of planning and community development. Doing so, she puts the spotlight on the contributions of women who have been historically marginalised and silenced. 

More information

  • The salon Voices of Women in Architecture is on Saturday, 11 March 8.30 – 10.30 Dutch time. Visit the website for more information and to follow the live broadcast.
  • Read the blog post of Caroline here.
Header image by: Caroline Newton