TU Delft Reactor Institute in Focus broadcast on Nuclear Energy

News - 15 September 2023 - Communication TNW

On Monday 11 September 2023, Focus aired a broadcast on nuclear energy in which EPZ, COVRA and TU Delft Reactor Institute were interviewed. 

You can re-watch the broadcast at:

Increase in the number of students
TU Delft Reactor Institute has noticed a significant increase in the interest of students in nuclear-related courses. Where a few years ago we had 4 to 5 students, we now see 40 to 50 on an annual basis! 

Several TU Delft faculties are conducting research into the chemistry, physics and materials of new-generation nuclear reactors that are safe and sustainable.

The TU Delft Reactor Institute is also using radiation to conduct research into the development of new materials for things such as batteries and solar panels, economical cooling and heating, and for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. 

Want to know more about the research we do? Take a look at the different departments on our site, https://www.tudelft.nl/tnw/over-faculteit/afdelingen/radiation-science-technology

Want more information about the courses we teach in the field of nuclear science? Have a look at the following:

Science & Engineering Orientation: Energy

Science & Engineering Orientation: Health

Science & Engineering Orientation: Nuclear

Track Physics for energy

Track Physics for health and life

Radiation protection
Our Radiation Education colleagues also provide training, courses and customised programmes in the field of radiation.

60 years of knowledge and expertise
For the past 60 years, the TU Delft Reactor Institute and the RST science department have formed the Dutch knowledge centre for research and education in the field of radiation and nuclear technology.

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