News and Agenda

23 August 2018

NWO START-UP grant for Carlas Smith

21 August 2018

3mE researchers receive ERC Starting Grant

27 July 2018

ERC Starting Grants for seven TU Delft researchers

The European Research Council has awarded ERC Starting Grants to seven TU Delft researchers. The grants (1,5 million euros for a five-year programme) are intended to support scientists who are in the early stages of their career and have already produced excellent supervised work.

16 July 2018

Carlas Smith awarded Veni grant

26 June 2018

TU Delft DUWIND wins bid for hosting EAWE Torque2020 Conference

24 April 2018

Wind turbines as inspiration for ships

Innovations from the wind energy sector seldom find their way to shipbuilding, despite undeniable similarities. Researchers in the areas of marine engineering and control engineering seize the opportunity offered by the cohesion programme to change this.

23 January 2018

Wind turbine farms can generate much more energy

In order to generate more sustainable energy and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, an increasing number of wind turbines are appearing on the horizon. Especially in the sea, because they are not in anyone’s way there and more importantly there is simply much more space there.

21 December 2017

Jan-Willem van Wingerden appointed professor of data driven control

Associate professor Jan-Willem van Wingerden has been appointed professor of data driven control at the Delft Centre for Systems and Control as of 12 December. Jan-Willem van Wingerden’s research focuses on the measurement and control technology of large-scale mechatronic systems that are propelled by a disruption such as wind or waves. His research is unique because it is on the interface of measurement and control technology and mechanical engineering.

06 December 2017

Sergio Grammatico has been awarded an NWO TOP-Grant

Sergio Grammatico, assistant professor in the department DCSC, has been awarded a TOP-Grant for curiosity-driven research in Mathematics, module 2, for his research project “Complex Network Games: The Scenario Approach”. With this TOP-Grant, Sergio Grammatico is able to appoint a PhD candidate.

24 November 2017

CL-Windcon project shows its progress in the general meeting held in Delft