Joop Roodenburg

President of Huisman Equipment BV

Joop Roodenburg (1950) graduated from TU Delft in mechanical measurement and control engineering in 1977. He is president of Huisman Equipment, which is one of the top 3 crane manufacturers worldwide. Huisman builds technologically advanced cranes for ships in the offshore sector and is the world leader in the field of equipment for the laying deep sea pipelines. As an experienced and creative systems integrator, Roodenburg is able to turn technical inventions into commercially successful activities. He is a pioneer in the world of heave compensation systems and a leader in the design and construction of pipeline systems.

In September 2015, Roodenburg started 'Buccaneer Delft' on the Paardenmarkt in Delft. This is an accelerator for young technology enterprises that are active in the energy and offshore sector. With Buccaneer, Roodenburg strives to pass on his drive for innovation and entrepreneurship to new generations of entrepreneurs. Buccaneer wants to make a connection between industry, TU Delft and young entrepreneurs.

Help with student projects
Roodenburg uses his network to connect young talents to major market players to boost the rise of the sustainable economy, especially at the faculties of ME and CEG.  Roodenburg is also a bridge-builder in education. He is a strong supporter of interdisciplinary cooperation and integrated design. He is involved in initiatives in which Master's students from various disciplines work together on interdisciplinary projects. Roodenburg supports master and bachelor projects by supplying them with cases from within the business community and by offering project spaces.

Alumnus of the Year
Since 2011, TU Delft and the Delft University Fund have been awarding the 'Alumnus of the Year' prize to alumni who have earned their spurs in the world of innovation and research. The winners will receive a plaque on the Alumni Walk of Fame in the Mekelpark on the TU Delft campus.