Alumni Walk of Fame

Which genius engineers, inventors, entrepreneurs, architects and professors discovered their field at TU Delft? You will find the answer on the Alumni Walk of Fame on the Delft campus.

The Alumni Walk of Fame features a combination of historical alumni whose achievements left a lasting mark and contemporary alumni recognized as the pioneers of tomorrow, each year is an alumnus chosen as Alumnus of the Year. The plaques are a reminder - and hopefully a spark - for students taking their first steps in the field of technology.

In the context of the 180th anniversary of the university, 23 plaques have been added to the Walk of Fame: people who showed courage dared to explore new possibilities, were ahead of their time and often had a healthy dose of stubbornness. In total over 50 alumni are part of the Alumni Walk of Fame of the TU Delft.

Be sure to visit the Delft Alumni Walk of Fame in the Mekelpark for a walk down memory lane.

Alumni Portrets

Every so often an Alumni, young or old, from the TU Delft is being interviewed. She or he tells here what brought them to Delft and what they did after graduating and what still connects them to the TU Delft. Click below on one of the portraits to read their interesting story.