Employee participation and elections

This section contains regulations and other documents about the representative bodies: the Student Council, the Works Council, the General Assembly of those two councils and the Local Consultation Body.

Student Council Regulations

As well as the composition and periods of office, the elections and consultations, the Student Council Regulations cover the consultation rights of the Central Student Council and the faculty Student Councils: the right of approval and advisory powers.

The Electoral Regulations for the TU Delft Student Council include provisions on the term of office, preparations for elections, eligibility to stand and to vote, candidacy, the voting method, what happens when interim vacancies occur, and the objections procedure. There is also an appendix that includes rules of conduct before and during elections, which aim to offer guidelines on how students and parties should deal with each other during campaigns and elections.

General Assembly of Councils Regulations

The General Assembly of Councils Regulations set down rules on the general assembly of the Works Council and the Student Council (GV). The various chapters discuss the following topics: the composition of the GV, the decision making, the consultation meeting with and the provision of information by the Executive Board, the powers (the right of approval ) and the confidentiality obligation of the GV.

Covenant between the Works Council, Local Consultation Body and Executive Board

The parties provide a more detailed definition of the powers of the Works Council and those of the Local Consultation Body on legal status arrangements as included in the Works Council Act (WOR), the Higher Education and Research Act (WHW) and the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities (CAO-NU). The basic principle of this Works Council Covenant is that the Executive Board shall always consult both bodies about such an arrangement, but only one of the parties has the ultimate right of approval.

Regulation regarding compensation and facilities for the TU Delft Works Council

Articles 17 and 18 of the Works Councils Act (WOR) specify which facilities and provisions the employer must make available to the Works Council and its members. The Regulation regarding compensation and facilities for the TU Delft Works Council provides an additional concrete interpretation of these legal requirements.