Welcome at the TU Delft Guest Centre

The Corona outbreak has virtually halted travelling around the world and regulations make personal meetings with our highly appreciated partners almost impossible. As an alternative to a live visit we can offer an online visit, including a virtual tour to some highly rated facilities on TU Delft Campus. See Virtual Tours below. (The Virtual Tours will be extended when new material is available.)

When circumstances allow people to travel the world again we would really appreciate meeting you again in person.

For visiting delegations (also online ‘visits’) we kindly ask you to fill in the delegation request form. We kindly request you to submit the completed form within a minimum of 3 weeks, prior to (the arrival of) a planned visit. 

Are you planning to visit the TU Delft campus as a (future) student, for now live visits are postponed. We will communicate the possibilities for a live visit on our website as soon as regulation allow us to. See the Virtual Tours below for a virtual impression of our faculties and some facilities on campus.

Other visitors
Are you planning to visit the TU Delft campus on your own initiative, please click here.

Virtual Tours


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