Cost of living

The cost of living in the Netherlands might be different from the place you currently live and work. To get an idea of the cost of living in Delft in your situation, we listed below two useful websites.

To find out your net salary at TU Delft after taxes, please ask your HR contact person in the faculty for a calculation of your (future) salary.

The following overview gives an idea of the cost of living in Delft. It is based on the income of a starting postdoc (salary scale 10.0), living outside the city centre of Delft with a partner who has no income and 2 children.

Please note that this calculation is based on averages: actual costs can differ for each individual. No rights and claims can be derived from this sample calculation in any manner. Reference date - Sept 2023.

More information

Academic Transfer provides very useful information about finances, budgeting and living expenses (use the search function with keywords like ‘finances’). More specifically, this page might be useful.

Big Mac index is a measure of the cost of living in the Netherlands, or the relative cost of living you might want to consider is the ‘Big Mac Index’, developed by The Economist. See as an example this page.

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