ECCM19 Online short-course for PhDs

The full-day online course aiming at PhDs is taught by highly regarded experts from academia and industry. They cover a broad range of research topic areas. They will give to participants the opportunity to get an overview of some important aspects of composites: market and new trends, manufacturing processes, design, durability, damage, eco-friendly composites.Speakers include:

  • Prof. C. Binetruy (Centrale Nantes)
  • Prof. F. Jacquemin (Univ Nantes)
  • Prof. C. Dransfeld (Tu Delft)
  • Prof. P. Camanho (University of Porto)
  • Dr. P Davies (IFREMER)
  • Prof. I Verpoest (KU Leuven)
  • Dr. Hamila (Insa Lyon)
  • Prof. S. Advani (Univ. of Delaware)
  • Prof. C.L. Tucker (Univ. of Illinois)
  • Dr. C. Ward (Univ. of Bristol)

The talk of C. Dransfeld will address Design: Successful design with composites results from the holistic approach to shape, fabrication and material. With composites being intrinsically heterogeneous and composed of stiff reinforcement elements, arranged and connected by a soft polymer phase, the manufacturing of an object and creation of the composite materials coincide. This pauses challenges and creates opportunities when exploited in a smart way. The “gestalt” of a composite product, its entirety being more than the contributing elements, results from a supreme control of the composite material at several scales, from the fibre interface, to textile architecture up to large scale joining processes. Finally the convergence of computational design, digital fabrication and engineered functional materials augments the design process with composites to unprecedented levels.

The full program can be found here.