About the Project

It is often difficult to link classroom knowledge to actual practices in the industry, especially in aerospace engineering since it involves a lot of regulations and the quality standards are very high.

This project is a brainchild of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft, aimed at reducing this difference between theoretical knowledge and actual production. As of February 2017, teams of Master students work towards assembling a kit aircraft entirely on their own. Every aspect of this project is controlled by these teams, from planning the work schedule, construction to marketing the project outside the university to attract potential sponsors.

There is a very strong focus on the quality of the finished product to match aircraft industry standards: every section is inspected and approved by the professors. The construction of the aircraft is also certified at frequent intervals to ensure that at the end, the aircraft will be airworthy. In order to qualify for this, the students follow a very strict tolerances and track every operation with adequate documentation, which is also set up by them.

The laboratory

The facility is set up at Delft Aerospace Structures and Materials Laboratory at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. The entire layout was of the workshop was designed and setup by the student teams from scratch.