Amsterdam 2050 Urban Makeover

Complex Projects

The Chair of Complex Projects, Department of Architecture at Delft University of Technology, teamed up with AMS Institute, the municipality of Amsterdam and KAAN Architecten to focus on the theme AMSTERDAM 2050. Almost 80 students reimagined what nine different sites - located along the ‘fingers’ of the metropolitan area of Amsterdam- would be in 2050, based on a critical analysis of current findings and practices in the city. In AMS Mid-City Studio, the focus has been on ‘growth’ and ‘change’: growth of numbers of inhabitants and tourists, and change of energy, mobility, health and leisure concepts. There is an extra demand for new housing and housing types, new workspaces, new infrastructure and urban facilities and for different uses and management of public spaces.

Current and previous exhibitions can be found here.

For more information please contact the project leader (Principal Investigator at AMS Institute)

<Amsterdam 2050> Book can be found in BK Books

Amsterdam 2050: Complex Projects | BK BOOKS (

Kaan, K., Stancic, I., Triggianese, M., Smidihen, H., van Zalingen, J., Keng Yee Oh, A. (ed.) Amsterdam 2050 Complex Projects, TU Open, 2019


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Hrvoje Smidihen

Olindo Caso

Jelmer van Zalingen