The Department of Urbanism at TU Delft is concerned with the analysis, design and planning of cities and regions, with the goal of more sustainable, resilient and fair societies. Since its establishment in 1948, the Department has promoted the ‘Dutch approach to urbanism’ integrating the creativity of design methods with the rationality of academic research. We combine knowledge and skills from urban design, spatial planning, landscape architecture, environmental technology and geoinformatics. 

This ‘integral urbanism’ is unusual in higher education, but much in demand from prospective students, graduate employers and research funding bodies. We take the Dutch approach into other international settings, but always respecting local conditions and cultures.

TU Delft is ranked third in the world for architecture and the built environment in the QS World University rankings (2017), and second in the world for urban planning in the University Rankings of Academic Performance (2016-17).

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