Prof. C. Zevenbergen

Chair Delta Urbanism - Department of Urbanism

From February 2021 Chris Zevenbergen is professor (part-time 0.2fte) Delta Urbanism. Zevenbergen has a background in ecology and earth sciences and over 25 years of international experience in water-sensitive urban issues and urban flood risk management.

"I’m really looking forward to collaborating with the staff in the Urbanism department and further strengthening the Delta Urbanism research group. I hold a chair and lead the Flood Resilience group in the Coastal and Urban Risk and Resilience Department at IHE Delft. I am also a visiting professor at two universities in China”.

I enjoy exploring new research areas, concepts and approaches that transcend science, education, policy and practice in the field of planning, design and engineering linked to water safety.

My recent research interest focuses on pathways for more sustainable urbanisation, taking into account man-made and natural disturbances and components of resilience. Currently I am project director of DeltaCAP, a Dutch government funded programme to support capacity building needed for the implementation of the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100."

Chris Zevenbergen