23 May 2017

Reclaiming context as a weapon against destructive urbanism

After World War II, an emphasis on ‘context’ helped to smooth the sharp edges of Modernism. Unfortunately, contemporary architecture seems to have lost sight of the deeper meaning of the term, claims PhD candidate Esin Kömez. Her PhD research calls for context to be reclaimed.

22 May 2017

Four Living Labs help restore Gelderland’s heritage

Restoring and converting heritage buildings is a complex process, but four Living Labs intend to change that. As part of the KaDEr project, the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment aims to formulate a new policy framework for the province of Gelderland – and possibly also for the rest of the Netherlands.

22 May 2017

Impact of road and rail on urbanisation declines

There was a time when new railway lines and motorways determined where urbanisation took place. Although that influence still exists, it is much less significant than it was. The fact that transport policy in recent decades has been backed up by strong spatial policy therefore makes perfect sense. Thanks to this, urban development has ensured support for public transport and bicycles and prevented greater dependence on cars. This is the case made by the research conducted by doctoral candidate Dena Kasraian.

15 May 2017

Booming Binckhorst marks change in area transformation

Report Symposium Vastgoed Sociëteit Haaglande

15 May 2017

Improving disadvantaged neighbourhoods by demolishing houses and rehousing residents

For many years, integrating poor and wealthy residents was seen as an effective means of tackling problems in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. A great deal of research argues that socioeconomic mixing does little to help the original residents, and that it is therefore a waste of money. However, a study at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology shows that demolition and new construction have improved the position of numerous disadvantaged neighbourhoods themselves: good news for the neighbourhood authorities and city council.

11 May 2017

BK scores high on research

In December, the Faculty received a committee chaired by Katja Tollmar Grillner (KTH Sweden) for the 4-year Research Assessment. During the period of a week the faculty’s research was presented and discussed, in addition to that the faculty also provided a transfer book: BK Research Portfolio 10-15. The visitation committee has now announced its report.

11 May 2017

Productivity crucial in the development of house prices in China

The advent of market capitalism has dramatically pushed up house prices in China. The effects of agglomeration are causing the prices to rise astronomically, primarily in major cities and their peripheries. And, as research by doctoral candidate Yunlong Gong reveals, this is primarily down to increasing productivity.

25 April 2017

City-Zen project shows European cities the way

Running cities on clean energy may be technically feasible, but it is very tricky from an organisational and economic point of view. The EU project City-Zen is readying hearts and minds for the challenge. The Delft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment is doing its bit in the form of trial projects, serious gaming and Roadshows through European cities.

18 April 2017

Crystal Houses wins public award AAP

The Crystal Houses project has won the public award of the ‘Amsterdamse Architectuur Prijs - de Gouden A.A.P. 2017’.

13 April 2017

Student wins NALACS Thesis Award

The Explore-lab graduation project of Linda de Geus 'Counteracting socio-spatial segregation through architectural verwandlung' wins the NALACS annual thesis award for the best thesis written on a Latin American or Caribbean topic at a Dutch university.