12 September 2019

Modern trombe wall selected for best tech idea

The Double Face 2.0 research project has been selected as one of the best tech ideas of the Netherlands in 2019. The trombe wall with phase changing materials can ensure a much lower energy consumption of buildings. Science magazine KIJK organises the public contest, voting is possible until 1 October 2019.

12 September 2019

Renovating mortars with mixed-in inhibitors

Mortars are recurrently damaged and in need of frequent replacement due to salt crystallization. Mortars with mixed-in inhibitors can help mitigate salt damage. The new research project MORISAL investigates how these inhibitors can create a sustainable and cost-effective answer to a recurrent and severe problem met in practice.

12 September 2019

Education on sustainable housing renovation in Xi’an, China

This summer, a summer school on sustainable housing renovation was organised in collaboration with Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Queena Qian, Erwin Mlecnik, and Henk Visscher (MBE) introduced 32 Chinese students to a Dutch approach on a more sustainable development of new housing estates.

12 September 2019

NWO Smart Culture grant for The Critical Visitor

The project has been granted a € 500.000,- NWO Smart Culture Grant and seeks to develop an intersectional methodology to achieve more diverse and inclusive practices.

12 September 2019

Regular architectural solutions fall short in favelas

The layout of slums often appears to be chaotic, but there is usually one factor that brings an element of order: work. Architectural intervention is rarely successful if designers fail to take this into account, as PhD researcher Ana Rosa Chagas Cavalcanti discovered in the Brazilian favelas.

12 September 2019

Jorma Vitkala Award for James O’Callaghan

The second Jorma Vitkala Award of Merit was awarded to the professor of Architectural Glass for his contributions to the development of glass applications within the field of architecture.

26 August 2019

Six BK publications in International Journal of Technology and Design Education

Six articles on architecture and built environment design education have been published in the latest open access issue. Twenty staff members from all over the faculty contributed to broad range of topics.

15 August 2019

Increasing influence of new-build housing

The decreasing trend in the new-build supply of owner-occupied homes puts a continuously growing stamp on the dynamics and purchase price development of the existing housing stock. This hinders the possibilities of moving on from an existing owner-occupied home, which means that the supply of existing owner-occupied homes is also stagnating.

31 July 2019

Theory and practice of ‘space formation’ in modern architecture

Architect Oliver Sack is fascinated by the question of how spatial design relates to the use of space as it is intended and experienced. For his PhD research, he explored the socio-spatial aesthetics of space formation in twentieth-century architecture.

29 July 2019

TU Delft students narrowly miss out on title at the world championships for energy-efficient construction

On Sunday 28 July the TU Delft MOR team finished second at the 2019 Solar Decathlon Europe.

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