18 April 2017

Crystal Houses wins public award AAP

The Crystal Houses project has won the public award of the ‘Amsterdamse Architectuur Prijs - de Gouden A.A.P. 2017’.

13 April 2017

Gerda Henkel Stiftung Grant for Marc Schoonderbeek with Fatma Aliosman and John Hanna

The 'Borders and Territories' research group of the department of Architecture has won a 74,000 euro grant for the research “Securing Democratic Society; State Policies, Technological Surveillance and Spatial (Cross-) Boundary Practices”. The grant covers two years of PhD studies on three case studies.

13 April 2017

Student wins NALACS Thesis Award

Het Explore-lab afstudeerproject van Linda de Geus 'Counteracting socio-spatial segregation through architectural verwandlung' wint NALACS’ jaarlijkse scriptieprijs voor de beste scriptie over een Latijn-Amerikaans of Caraibisch onderwerp verbonden aan een Nederlandse universiteit.

12 April 2017

3D model benefits demographers and urban planners

The 3D GeoInformation research group from the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment is working on building a 3D model of all the towns and cities in the Netherlands. It is the only model of its kind on a national scale and can be used to accurately project the size of the population. It is also a useful tool for creating flood models and calculating noise and daylight contours. As part of the research group 3D GeoInformation the researcher Filip Biljecki investigated the concept of level of detail in 3D city models. He will defend his thesis ‘Level of detail in 3D city models’ on 1 May.

12 April 2017

PD Test Lab: testing innovations in an innovative building

The Delft Product Development (PD) Test Lab was recently constructed in the courtyard of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. This example of innovative construction will provide a home for research into new building innovations in the coming years. Students and researchers can experience everyday working practice here based on the ‘learning through making’ principle.

10 April 2017

ROTOR kicks off their visiting professorship with an international conference

This April the faculty welcomes Lionel Devlieger and Maarten Gielen of the Brussels based office Rotor as Visiting Professors.

10 April 2017

Moving to a more affluent neighbourhood leads to more problematic behaviour amongst youths

Problems in deprived neighbourhoods are often tackled through socio-economic integration. The thought behind this approach is that residents with lower incomes and educational levels are motivated to improve their position through their proximity to neighbours with a better socio-economic standing. However, young people who move to more affluent areas actually exhibit more problem behaviour.

30 March 2017

‘Port development needs to move beyond functional planning’

Port cities are often marked by the conflicting interests of the port and the city. However, doctoral candidate Paolo De Martino argues that this does not need to be the case: the two should instead explore how they can support each other. His research concludes The Global Petroleumscape, a conference that is being organised by the History of Architecture and Urban Planning Chair in May.

30 March 2017

Recap workshop Africa

Following up on the Town Hall Meeting on Africa last January, a workshop on the subject was held on 14 March. 42 BK colleagues joined Peter Russell to further discuss the Faculty plans about Africa.

13 March 2017

REPAiR: Mapping European resources/waste materials

‘There’s no such thing as waste’ is just an empty slogan if we do not succeed in creating circular material flows. The initiators of the large-scale European REPAiR project are firmly convinced that smart geodetic aids for decision-making can help local and regional authorities close resource life cycles.