06 July 2017

Virtual reality in Urbanism = VRbanism

The premise of Ruben Hanssen’s graduation research was using virtual reality (VR) for design purposes instead of solely as a visualisation aid. Today, he graduates with his research entitled ‘VRbanism: Assessing Virtual Reality as an Urban Design Tool’. Hanssen investigated whether it is possible to use VR as a design method in urban development.

06 July 2017

AAA Update

A year ago, on June 24, 2016, Peter Russell gave his inaugural address. In it, he described his program for the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment with three A’s: Automation, Africa and Agility. In the past year, progress has been made on each of these long-term projects.

03 July 2017

Measurement campaign to increase usefulness of smart meters

Smart energy meters are seen as being crucial in the quest to improve the sustainability of our housing stock, yet we hardly know anything about how we can use them. The aim of a new OTB measurement campaign in houses in South Holland is to establish whether smart meters can contribute to improved energy savings and help provide custom advice.

28 June 2017

‘Design creativity can be improved’

Is it possible to boost architects’ creativity using artificial means? Yes it is, says PhD student Alireza Mahdizadeh Hakak. His laboratory experiments have shown that a designer wearing 3D glasses is open to new solutions. He even took a look at what goes on in the brain.

21 June 2017

Faculty welcomes Visiting Professor Fulong Wu

This Fall the faculty welcomes Fulong Wu as Visiting Professor. But you can already get to know him during the ERES (European Real Estate Society) Annual Conference - the leading real estate research meeting in Europe.

13 June 2017

Laura Strähle and Ellen Rouwendal win Archiprix NL 2017

On Saturday 27 June Laura Strähle and Ellen Rouwendal won the Archiprix NL 2017 with their graduation project 'Design & Build: From Landscape to Roofscape’. Anneloes de Koff and Laura Langridge both received an honourable mention for their projects 'A home for the displaced' and 'Ivalo River Sandbanks’.

30 May 2017

Mapping out unseen urbanisation in the North Sea

You can see the North Sea as a huge tub of water, but also as a focal point of urbanisation processes. This second idea forms the basis for New Zealander Nancy Couling's research, which she will be carrying out from September as a guest researcher at TU Delft's Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.

23 May 2017

Reclaiming context as a weapon against destructive urbanism

After World War II, an emphasis on ‘context’ helped to smooth the sharp edges of Modernism. Unfortunately, contemporary architecture seems to have lost sight of the deeper meaning of the term, claims PhD candidate Esin Kömez. Her PhD research calls for context to be reclaimed.

22 May 2017

Impact of road and rail on urbanisation declines

There was a time when new railway lines and motorways determined where urbanisation took place. Although that influence still exists, it is much less significant than it was. The fact that transport policy in recent decades has been backed up by strong spatial policy therefore makes perfect sense. Thanks to this, urban development has ensured support for public transport and bicycles and prevented greater dependence on cars. This is the case made by the research conducted by doctoral candidate Dena Kasraian.

22 May 2017

Four Living Labs help restore Gelderland’s heritage

Restoring and converting heritage buildings is a complex process, but four Living Labs intend to change that. As part of the KaDEr project, the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment aims to formulate a new policy framework for the province of Gelderland – and possibly also for the rest of the Netherlands.