20 November 2017

The old kitchen can go back to the factory

The majority of bathrooms and kitchens end up with the rubbish after new owners move into a house. Unnecessary: a demountable solution would make replacement easy. Doctoral candidate Henk Brinksma researched various future-proof renovation concepts, and looked further than just bathrooms and kitchens.

09 November 2017

Co-creation offers new opportunities for energy transition

Co-creation offers new opportunities to save energy, money and materials. The problem is that technical experts on collective private commissioning projects have difficulty communicating directly with end-users, argues Lidewij Tummers in her PhD research.

09 November 2017

'Slogans about diversity are mainly rhetoric'

In the international competition between cities, diversity counts as an advantage, but, in practice, things are not always so simple. Because, according to PhD candidate Donya Ahmadi, there is actually 'good' and 'bad' diversity. She conducted her research in a problem neighbourhood in Toronto.

09 November 2017

Vlaardingen homes refurbished to become Zero Energy Buildings

As a pilot project, 12 houses in Vlaardingen are refurbished to become Zero Energy Buildings by using the 2ndSkin concept, adding an extra layer to the outside of the building.

27 October 2017

Final Archiprix selection announced

Every year, BK Expo is transformed into a treasure room of highly remarkable graduation projects. It is up to the specially assigned selection committee to nominate nine of these projects for the much-coveted Archiprix.

26 October 2017

BK at the Dutch Design Week

The Dutch Design Week is in full swing and will continue until this Sunday. As part of the Dutch Design Week, the (W)ego City model that BK students made a.o. as part of The Why Factory, is now built in scale 1:1. Aditionally, the citylab Buiksloterham, in which BK students participate with research, is on show as one of the finalists in the Dutch Design Awards Exhibition.

12 October 2017

Vincent Gruis and Darinka Czischke receive grant for research on collaborative housing

NWO recently awarded Vincent Gruis and Darinka Czischke a Smart Urban Regions of the Future (SURF) Pop Up grant to study collaborative housing in the Dutch context.

26 September 2017

Numerus Fixus at BK

As of the academic year 2018/2019 the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment will have a so-called Numerus Fixus. This means that students who want to apply for a bachelor at this faculty will face a restricted intake.

21 September 2017

‘Extreme population decline threatens stability of Lithuania’

In the Soviet Union context Lithuania was considered to be relatively affluent and prosperous region. However, in the 1990s, when it regained its independence and started democratic development, a huge gap had to be filled to meet even the basic standards of EU. While the economy is growing at the fast pace, Lithuania remains a peripheral and rather poor region in the context of the Western countries. Nowadays, extreme population decline and socio-spatial inequality pose a threat to stability, observes doctoral candidate Rūta Ubarevičienė (OTB).

18 September 2017

Turkish and Moroccan children often live in deprived neighbourhoods throughout their youth

The neighbourhood in which children grow up significantly impacts their development opportunities. Particularly Turkish and Moroccan children see little improvement in their neighbourhood status during their youth: nearly half of these groups live in a deprived neighbourhood throughout their childhood, and can suffer negative consequences as a result.