13 September 2018

Analysis of social participation in adolescents with autism in high school settings

A BOLD Cities consortium of Alexander Koutamanis (MBE), Carolien Rieffe (Leiden University), and Els Blijd (Interpsy Groningen) has received a € 500.000,- NWO grant to develop new tools for the analysis and briefing of school building designs.

13 September 2018

Understanding the complexity of the energy transition in the Rotterdam/The Hague area

Carola Hein (Architecture) together with Jonge Honden received a € 15.000,- NWO KIEM subsidy to connect the analysis of spatial impact of the energy transition to that of new business models.

13 September 2018

Strengthening problem-based learning in South Asian Universities

Dick van Gameren and Nelson Mota are part of a consortium led by Aalto University, who have been awarded a 1 million-euro Erasmus+ grant to promote cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices in capacity building in Higher Education.

13 September 2018

The Berlage ranked as #2 post-master worldwide

Spain-based platform Best Architecture Masters (BAM) has revealed its inaugural ranking of the best postgraduate architecture programs in the world. Based on the QS World University Ranking by Subject, the Berlage has been selected as the top 2 post-master programme for architecture and the built environment worldwide.

13 September 2018

Large research project towards circular area development

During the next two years, the LDE Centre for Sustainability and the Wageningen Research University will conduct research towards circular area development. Professor Ellen van Bueren (MBE) will lead the project, with De Binckhorst area in The Hague serving as a case study for the development of scientific understanding and practical tools.

12 September 2018

Challenging landscape architecture

Eric Luiten has been appointed Professor of Landscape Architecture. During his professorship, he will work towards connecting the landscape architectonic research and education with societal issues and partners from the professional field, to boost the Chair of Landscape Architecture and challenge its researchers and students.

12 September 2018

‘Architecture is not the sum of data’

Architects understand each other easily, but they often have trouble getting clients to understand their work. In her PhD thesis, Birgitte Hansen illustrates the thinking process and actions of architects in practice through a series of examples. She also makes tangible what role architects can play in decision-making processes.

12 September 2018

‘Without financial support from parents, no owner-occupied homes for Chinese youth’

Young people who want to buy a home in China, are dependent from their parents to a large extent, according to Wenjing Deng. According to her PhD thesis, government policies should invest more into the development of a healthy rental market for housing, to make young people less dependent of their parents.

12 September 2018

Most neighbourhoods do not easily change

The popular notion that city neighbourhoods easily develop into popular neighbourhoods for young professionals or unsafe ghetto’s is not true. Although some Dutch neighbourhoods have gone through the process of deterioration or gentrification, most city neighbourhoods remain stable in their ethnical and social economic composition, concludes Merle Zwiers in her PhD thesis.

30 August 2018

Understanding heritage values to design sustainable cities

Ana Pereira Roders is Professor of Heritage and Values. The Chair of Heritage and Values focuses on further understanding the values that define heritage, such as cultural, social, ecological, and economic; and how they impact the sustainability of cities. One of the main goals is to define, develop, and test new integrated assessment frameworks to better monitor and strengthen heritage conservation worldwide.