15 March 2018

Form follows force

Although a curved form is known to be stronger than a flat structure, we do not know exactly how much stronger. Doctoral candidate Qingpeng Li tried to find out by testing various shell structures. His findings show that even a small curve can provide significant reinforcement.

15 March 2018

Alexandra den Heijer appointed as Professor of Public Real Estate

With pleasure the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment announces that Alexandra den Heijer has been appointed as Professor of Public Real Estate [Publiek Vastgoed].

15 March 2018

Ripple effect of Amsterdam house prices

The price of houses in Amsterdam, whether rising or falling, influences house prices in a large part of the Netherlands. This is an important result of Alfred Teye's PhD research, because insight into house price developments and risks in the housing market is crucial for society.

15 March 2018

Occasional odd liability arrangements in Dutch construction

The quality of building projects is to a large extent determined by supervision and coordination. Too often a lack of either leads to delays or accidents, notes Building Law specialist Hugo Strang in his doctoral research. More than a Building Quality Assurance Act is needed to improve this, he believes.

13 March 2018

System approach to the Dutch landscape

In the project ‘Urbanised lowlands’, led by Reinout Rutte and Jaap Evert Abrahamse, the landscape of the Netherlands is approached as a system of urban development, water, energy, and food.

12 March 2018

European Alliance in Architecture and Built Environment Research

Five leading research-intensive European universities have joined forces in BauHow5. SABRE, Strengthening Architecture and Built Environment Research, is the first project in this alliance, focussing on developing a core curriculum for PhD education in Architecture and the Built Environment.

01 March 2018

Faculty maintains top 3 position

QS World University Rankings by subject has again recognised the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment as a key player in design-oriented research.

01 March 2018

Laure Itard appointed as Professor Building Energy Epidemiology

With pleasure the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment announces that Laure Itard (Le Mans, 1964) has been appointed as Professor Building Energy Epidemiology.

15 February 2018

‘Open science and open access set to become the norm’

From now on, all new books and journals written, edited or published by BK City staff will have to be open access publications. As a result, all knowledge generated by the faculty will be accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

15 February 2018

Hidden library at dean’s office

Dean Peter Russell has commissioned the dean’s library in the hallway towards his office (BG.Oost.010).