16 January 2020

An energy-efficient office can be comfortable too

Energy-efficiency is at the forefront of modern office renovations, but this often comes at the cost of comfort. So doctoral candidate Minyoung Kwon has turned things around: start by looking at the wishes of the users before you design their workplace. This does not necessarily have to result in higher energy consumption.

16 January 2020

New home for Product Development Test Lab

The small white building was designed as part of a two-year research project, built by students and meant to be learned from. The Product Development Test Lab has now found a new location at The Green Village on the TU Delft campus, where product innovations focused on digital construction, the circular economy and energy saving can be further tested.

16 January 2020

Multifunctional territories in-between offer tremendous opportunities for sustainability

Areas around cities are often referred to negatively with the term 'urban sprawl'. But it is precisely in these territories in-between that we can achieve many of our sustainability goals, says PhD researcher Alexander Wandl. We just have to learn to plan them better.

16 January 2020

“Inhabitable vacant areas make housing liveable”

Building homes for people with a low income usually results in standard housing, with minimum room for variation and innovation. So whenever something special happens – which it often does – that takes place in the ‘left-over areas’ of such projects, as PhD researcher Mo Sedighi has discovered. He says that housing projects should always include unbuilt areas that occupants can use or finish as they see fit.

19 December 2019

Revitalisation for Brainpark Rotterdam

The design ‘Building Upon Brainpark’ proposes to revitalise the Brainpark area in Rotterdam by making the area more visible to local residents and users of the location. The design by BK alumni Kevin Westerveld, Nima Morkoç, Hedwig van der Linden, and master student Lars Kloeg was selected as a special mention in the Europan 15 x Productive Rotterdam design competition.

19 December 2019

Participatory action research

New Horizon 2020 project UPLIFT aims to provide insight into the structural drivers of intergenerational inequalities within the European Union, focusing on vulnerable young people. Researchers from Management in the Built Environment will coordinate the participatory action research, involving the young people themselves to develop innovative policy solutions.

19 December 2019

‘Behavioural sciences key to energy savings and comfort at home’

Residential comfort tends to be associated with pleasant temperatures, but there’s much more to it than that. PhD researcher Marco Ortiz identified the living conditions we experience as pleasant and used this research to draw up psychological profiles that can be used to design comfortable, energy-efficient houses tailored to the users’ preferences.

19 December 2019

Affordable and user-friendly renovation concepts

The new consortium IEBB stands for integrated energy transition for existing buildings and has received a 13,8 million euro grant to develop affordable and user-friendly renovation concepts in the coming years. Researchers from the faculties of Architecture and the Built Environment, Industrial Design Engineering and Applied Sciences at TU Delft are developing the necessary knowledge for, amongst others, innovative renovation concepts, digitisation of the renovation process, optimisation of heat pumps and energy performance of buildings, chain innovation and implementation.

17 December 2019

Virtual depot: behind the scenes of museums

Storage facilities of museums house over 90% of the collections of most museums. The project ‘DIPOT: Digital depot’ explores how these spaces can be made accessible through VR technologies. This would help not only to open up the collection to a broader public, but also to improve the design of future museums’ storage facilities.

05 December 2019

NRP Master Awards 2019 for BK alumni

Mary Lou van den Berg received the NRP Master Award for her thesis on adaptive reuse of shared heritage in the city centre of Bandung, Indonesia. The second and third prizes were received by BK alumni Ditte Gerding and Tessa Persoon, respectively.

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