18 September 2017

Managing for a sustainable built environment

On 20 September a new MOOC by Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment will start! Managing Building Adaptation: A Sustainable Approach is an online course which will be taught by the Department of Management in the Built Environment (MBE).

18 September 2017

Turkish and Moroccan children often live in deprived neighbourhoods throughout their youth

The neighbourhood in which children grow up significantly impacts their development opportunities. Particularly Turkish and Moroccan children see little improvement in their neighbourhood status during their youth: nearly half of these groups live in a deprived neighbourhood throughout their childhood, and can suffer negative consequences as a result.

31 August 2017

Delta urbanism in the Pearl River Delta

Climate change threatens to create major problems in the rapidly urbanising Pearl River Delta. Steffen Nijhuis, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, is carrying out important research into adaptive planning methods for the area and is setting up a research laboratory for delta urbanism.

29 August 2017

AESOP award of Excellence in Teaching to BK MOOC Rethink the City

The MOOC ‘Rethink the City: New Approaches to Global and Local Urban Challenges’ is awarded with the 2017 AESOP ‘Excellence in Teaching’ Award.

21 August 2017

Amsterdam becomes living lab for new Master

This September Wageningen University & Research and TU Delft introduce a new two-year joint master’s program in the city of Amsterdam.

06 July 2017

AAA Update

A year ago, on June 24, 2016, Peter Russell gave his inaugural address. In it, he described his program for the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment with three A’s: Automation, Africa and Agility. In the past year, progress has been made on each of these long-term projects.

06 July 2017

Virtual reality in Urbanism = VRbanism

The premise of Ruben Hanssen’s graduation research was using virtual reality (VR) for design purposes instead of solely as a visualisation aid. Today, he graduates with his research entitled ‘VRbanism: Assessing Virtual Reality as an Urban Design Tool’. Hanssen investigated whether it is possible to use VR as a design method in urban development.

03 July 2017

Measurement campaign to increase usefulness of smart meters

Smart energy meters are seen as being crucial in the quest to improve the sustainability of our housing stock, yet we hardly know anything about how we can use them. The aim of a new OTB measurement campaign in houses in South Holland is to establish whether smart meters can contribute to improved energy savings and help provide custom advice.

28 June 2017

‘Design creativity can be improved’

Is it possible to boost architects’ creativity using artificial means? Yes it is, says PhD student Alireza Mahdizadeh Hakak. His laboratory experiments have shown that a designer wearing 3D glasses is open to new solutions. He even took a look at what goes on in the brain.

21 June 2017

Faculty welcomes Visiting Professor Fulong Wu

This Fall the faculty welcomes Fulong Wu as Visiting Professor. But you can already get to know him during the ERES (European Real Estate Society) Annual Conference - the leading real estate research meeting in Europe.