Lorentz Center

The Lorentz Center is an international center that coordinates and hosts workshops in the sciences, based on the philosophy that science thrives on interaction between creative researchers. Lorentz Center workshops focus on new collaborations and interactions between scientists from different countries and fields, and with varying seniority.

The workshops organized by the Lorentz Center deviate from an average workshop. The workshops themselves are free of charge and participants are often offered lunch, a welcome drink and a workshop dinner. You should understand a workshop not as a course, but a week in which presentations are combined with discussion sessions and different disciplines within science are brought together. In principle, participants are asked by invitation only, but people who think they can make a contribution to the workshop or simply find the subject very interesting, are always welcome. It just depends on the number of registrations if this person can be admitted or not. Read more

'The facilities are in top condition. Several leading professors were present and the setting was as such they became easy to approach. Many of the workshops are one-off. Each workshop is organized by an external. That person influences the quality in a way. PhD candidates can participate free of charge. The assessment is based on a poster presentation. Following my experience, I’d surely recommend the Center.' 

A+BE PhD candidate who participated in the workshop ‘Computational Geometry in the Field’  

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