(Re)Imagining Port Cities: Understanding Space, Society and Culture


Port cities are special places at the intersection of sea and land. They facilitate international exchange through unique port infrastructures and facilities. They are robust cities that offer opportunity, wealth and innovation to their countries and local communities. However, climate change and other global challenges threaten port city territories. What does the future of port cities look like with urbanization, sea level rise, new migrant flows and the disappearance of old industries? This is addressed in the minor (Re)Imagining Port Cities: Understanding Space, Society and Culture, where students will link research and design from multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural perspectives with a focus on the future of Rotterdam Harbour.

Picture by Benjamin Evans, Samuel Hartman, Adam Hill, Anne de Jong, Sophie van Riel, MSC 2 Beyond oil Studio July, 2019

For whom?

This minor is open for all BSC students with interest in portcities (in particular the city of Rotterdam) and in research and design in a social, historical and cultural context.
For non-design students, this means an introduction into the way designers think and act and an understanding of the relationship between designing and their own professional way of thinking. For design students this means that they will be able to improve themselves in the design process, especially in a social, cultural context.

What will you learn

In this minor you will learn to:

  • study (analyze and reflect on) the historical, social and cultural context in port-city areas in relation to the present and the future 
  • experiment (explore and test) with possible alternative future ideas, supported by the studies
  • take position as designer with regard to the future of port cities by choosing a theme or quality
  • elaborate at different scale levels, such as public space, street furniture and/or an urban vision.

Course overview

The minor consists of two courses (each a quarter) with lectures and tutorials in the (design) studio.

Register for this minor

For registration, please visit minors.tudelft.nl.