Mission, vision, strategy; the designer as an entrepreneur


  • Prof.dr.ir. J.W.F. Wamelink, chair Construction Management and Entrepreneurship,
  • Ir. H.J.M. Vande Putte, assistant professor Real Estate Management TU Delft,
  • Dr.ir. M. Bos-de Vos, assistant Professor Strategic Design for Ecosystem Innovation (Design, Organisation and Strategy Department) TU Delft.

Language: Dutch, English on request
Time period: One day (morning: 9.00-12.30 hrs and afternoon: 13.30-17.00 hrs)
Price: €220,- (VAT is not applicable)
Maximum number of participants: 25
Date: Thursday 18 April 2024

In this module you will gain knowledge about the concepts mission, vision and strategy and you will learn to apply these concepts to your own organization. Furthermore, you will learn about the implications of these concepts for marketing, acquisition, and operations and project management. 

Spring 2024

The module `Mission, vision, strategy, the designer as an entrepreneur‘ will be offered in Spring 2024.