Mission, vision, strategy, the designer as an entrepreneur

Lecturers: Prof. dr. ir. J.W.F. Wamelink, professor Design & Construction Managent TU Delft and dr. ir. M. Prins, associate professor Design & Construction Management TU Delft
Language: Dutch, English on request
Time period: One day (morning and afternoon)
Price: €200,- (excluding VAT)
Date: 16 November 2018

In this module you will gain knowledge about the concepts mission, vision and strategy and you will learn to apply these concepts to your own organization. Furthermore, you will learn about the implications of these concepts for marketing, acquisition, and operations and project management. 

Final attainment level

By following this module you will work on obtaining the final attainment level 1 of the professional traineeship: 'Is proficient in strategic and communication skills and capable of managing resources to acquire name recognition and convince others of one's own vision or position with a view to being awarded a commission.'

Intended for

Architects, urban designers and landscape architects

Learning activities

A series of short interactive lectures, coupled with individual and group workshops and exercises based on the participants’ own cases from practice. 


Reflective essay, which should be handed in one week after the module.