Bram van Prooijen


Bram van Prooijen is associate professor in estuarine dynamics. By studying the flow, sediment transport, geomorphology and interaction with ecology, he aims at providing the knowledge and tools for sustainable estuaries and tidal basins.

He is strongly affiliated with Delft University of Technology, where he started as student in 1993, and defended his PhD in 2004. His PhD thesis “Shallow Mixing Layers” is focused on the hydrodynamic processes. In 2003, Bram started working for engineering consultant Svasek Hydraulics. There he broadened his scope and interest via projects with emphasis on sediment transport and morphology, for example the Environmental Impact Assessment for the dredging operations for the port extension of Rotterdam, Maasvlakte II.

Since 2008, Bram is working at Delft University of Technology again. In addition to hydrodynamics and sediment transport, he was introduced into ecology via collaborations with NIOZ-Yerseke. At the moment, he continues working on the interaction between hydrodynamics, sediment transport, morphology and ecology. The collaboration with SKLEC (Shanghai) inspired him to do field campaigns. Collaborations with Deltares and Rijkswaterstaat in projects like SEAWAD and KUSTGENESE make the link with sustainable coastal management, see this link for more information. His research group is now working on various topics in the Western and Eastern Scheldt, North Sea, Wadden Sea and Yangtze Estuary. Have a look at the stories of science in the links below for an impression. Research output can be found here.

Since his start in 2008 at Delft University Bram teached various courses: River Engineering, Fluid Mechanics and Sediment Dynamics. In his teaching, he aims to connect the fundamental processes with present and upcoming challenges that are to be solved by the new generation of students. Bram is a big fan of the flip-the-class-room concept, where he challenges the students and the students challenge him to discover more about the hydraulic engineering.

Bram van Prooijen

Associate Professor of Estuarine Dynamics

Presence: Mon - Fri