Programmes for Management & Innovation

Postgraduate education Delft University of Technology
The individual faculties of Delft University of Technology are responsible for the postgraduate education.

Currently Delft University of Technology provides a number of postgraduate programmes:

  • Management of Safety, Health & Environment
    Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management
  • Advanced Study in Rail Engineering (only conducted in Dutch)
    Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences
  • ProfEd Assetmanagement (only conducted in Dutch)
    Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences

Daniella Wijnveldt
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The Netherlands

The energy market is changing very rapidly. What used to be a centralised market with few players has turned into a much more decentralised market where traditional users can become producers as well. Technical developments rapidly follow each other, and ICT is becoming more and more integrated into the traditional energy network. Next to these technological developments,  the regulatory and political context is evolving as well. 

Managers working in the energy sector of the future need to know about the key issues in both the area of technology and the market if they want to successfully guide the transition process.

If you are a professional or consultant working in the area of energy, TU Delft offers you the opportunity to bring your expertise to a higher level. The programme Business in Energy systems offers you the strategic knowledge and the operational experience needed in the new sustainable energy market. 

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