This new stamp sheet from PostNL and TU Delft focuses on the innovative capacity of our country. The illustrations on the stamps refer to various innovations developed by scientists from our university in collaboration with the government and businesses.

The 10 stamps of the Innovative Netherlands stamp sheet show a cheerful illustration about a special innovation project of TU Delft, made by cartoonist Erwin Suvaal.

On the stamps is clearly shown that innovation can be found in a wide range of fields, ranging from energy saving projects, smart transport solutions and flexible production possibilities to effective water management and innovations in healthcare.

To celebrate the launch of the stamp sheet we interviewed the people behind the innovations, you can read these stories below.

The 10 innovations from Delft


Are you curious about the stories behind the stamps? Click on the images to read more about them.


Yeast with elephant fungus for biofuel: gene from fungus found in elephant dung to more efficiently make ethanol from agricultural residual products. Read the story behind the stamp.
4FOLD: a foldable freight container saves space, money and our planet when its empty on return transport. Read the story behind the stamp.
Variable stiffness: the development of a 3D printable shape that gives control over the stiffness of the material which enables mutlifunctionality of its design. Read the story behind the stamp.
Kitepower: a mobile wind energy system that uses a kite to generate power. Read the story behind the stamp.
Sand motor: a large-scale hydraulic placing of sand in front of the South Holland coast to sustainably protect and maintain it. Read the story behind the stamp.
TILER: tile with which e-bikes and other light electric vehicles can be charged wirelessly. Read more about the story behind the stamp.
Bluebloqs: a solution for sustainable rainwater reuse in the city. Read more about the story behind the stamp.
INNOZOWA: floating solar panels that contribute to generating renewable energy, optimal use of available surface and maintaining a better ecosystem. Read the story behind the stamp.
Gaming @ the Dentist: serious gaming to distract from pain and discomfort during treatment. Read the story behind the stamp.
Exo-L: 3D printed ankle brace, tailored to the user, offers the best protection against ankle sprains. Read the story behind the stamp