Multidisciplinary Project

Within the master programmes given at the faculty of CEG students have the possibility to follow the elective Multidisciplinary Project, course code CEGM3000. During this project, students have the opportunity to perform their own project in groups of minimum four to maximum six students and solve an issue with their acquired knowledge from the master programmes. Many teams choose to go abroad, which gives an extra dimension to their project. A detailed description of the course can be found in the

On Brightspace (course code CEGM3000) you will find more information about the Multidisciplinary Project, such as the manual, various forms, etc. You will also find project proposals and summaries of projects already completed. If you have any questions or comments, you can send an email to 

*Please note that there are various course codes in use. At CME, for example, the code CME4975 is used. 


Yolanda De Las Heras