Academic counsellors

In what situations can you consult with the academic counsellor?

For personal and study related questions, you can consult with the academic counsellor. For example:

  • study problems and (study) coaching
  • reporting illness and/or studying with a disability
  • guidance in study planning, study skills and mindset
  • making choices
  • personal or psychological issues
  • being stuck in your studies (motivational, procrastination, etc.)
  • regulations regarding MoMi, BSA and RPF
  • study delay because of family circumstances

If necessary, the academic counsellor can refer you to a student doctor, a psychologist, a central student counsellor, the Board of Examiners or other institutions. 

Report illness or special circumstances as soon as possible:
In case of illness or other special situations that affect your study progress it is best to consult your academic counsellor at an early stage to limit the possibility of a delay in your studies.

Open office hours

Open office hours are meant for quick questions and short consultations (5-10 min) on study planning, choices or other study related subjects.

For all registered students of Aerospace Engineering there are 1 on 1 open office hours on campus with an academic counsellor from Monday to Thursday from 12:30 till 13:30. Detailed information on and changes in our availability are always shared on Brightspace Aerospace Engineering Students.

Book an (online) appointment

In case you want to discuss more complex matters that are having an impact on your studies and personal life, you could book an appointment via our appointment system. This is in addition to our open office hours and follow-ups. During an appointment, a counsellor can take roughly 25 minutes to speak to you. If necessary, you can have one or more follow-up meetings after that.


The academic counsellors of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering are: