Board of Studies

The Board of Studies advises the Director of Education of the faculty - on request or otherwise - on the quality of education and the short- and long-term policy of educational affairs. The Board of Studies of the faculty of Aerospace Engineering is responsible for both the Bachelor and Master programmes. The tasks of the Board of Studies are described in the Higher Education and Research Act (WHW) and consist of the following tasks:

  • Give annual advice and assent the Teaching and Examination Regulations (Dutch: OER).
  • Annual assessment of the Implementation Regulations (Dutch: UR).
  • Advising on all education-related subjects within the programme

The OER describes all rights and obligations of both students and teachers in detail. In a case of a conflict the OER can be a base for a verdict. Therefore, the OER is of high importance to the quality of education.

The Board of studies consists of 10 members, 5 staff members representing the different Aerospace departments and 5 student members representing the different years of study across the Bachelor and Master programme. Members are appointed by the dean.

Contact information:

General Board of Studies email address:

Staff members:



Contact information

Irene Fernandez Villegas

Chairwoman and ASM Representative

Jeannette Heiligers

Space Representative

Daan Pool C&O Representative

Marios Kotsonis

AWERP Representative, Aerodynamics

Dominic von Terzi Wind Energy Representative

Student members:



Contact information

Giovanni Ghisalberti Secretary and BSc Representative
Miguel Martins de Castro 

BSc Representative 

Cindy Chen

BSc Representative

Lorenzo Onorato BSc Representative
Shadab Eftekhar MSc Representative
Vibhuti Sharma MSc Representative
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