Personal circumstances


You may experience a delay in the progress of your study due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. illness, exceptional family circumstances, circumstances beyond the student’s control) or due to a physical, sensory, or other disability. These circumstances may be the reason that you are not able to obtain 45 credits in your first year resulting in a negative binding study recommendation (BSA)They might also interfere with the requirements for the extension of your student visa (MOMI). Students who are confronted with such circumstances can also apply for financial support on the basis of the Graduation Support Scheme (RPF).

In all cases it’s important to contact the academic counsellor as soon as possible. They can inform, advise and support you in finding solutions to minimize study delay and if applicable help you with a postponement of BSA, application of RPF or the MOMI. Academic counselors are not trained psychologist, so if necessary they can refer you to other professionals such as the student psychologist.

If you are delayed in your studies because of an illness, notify your academic counsellor as soon as possible. When you are feeling better and well enough to study, you can best visit them to discuss the impact of your illness on your study progress and how to minimize possible delays.

If you need medical help, you can visit a general practitioner at the Student Health Practice (SGZ). You can also contact them for a statement that you need for an application for BSA postponement, RPF and MOMI.

Family circumstances
If exceptional family circumstances prevent you from studying, contact the academic counsellor as soon as possible. Together with him/her, you can discuss ways of minimizing delays in your studies. If applicable, you might also discuss your possibilities for a postponement of BSA or RPF.

Psychological problems
As a TU Delft student, you can be provided with treatment and support by a student psychologist in the event of psychological problems that prevent you from studying effectively. You can find more information on their website.