Study Problems


Studying is not always easy, from time to time you will experience some setbacks in your studies. You might receive bad grades for the first time in your life, you might doubt whether or not this is the right study for you or you find it really hard to start studying for a course. This might be unsettling and can lead to some delay in your studies. Below you can find some common study problems. Do not be afraid to discuss these or other problems with one of the academic counsellors!


A lot of students will face some kind of motivation dip at some point during their studies. After an enthusiastic start, the study might not be as you have imagined. Maybe the content is not as interesting as you thought or the material is too difficult to understand. All this and more can lead to a decrease in your motivation. Most of the time a temporarily dip in your motivation will not cause too much problems. However, a structural lack of motivation can lead to a delay in your studies. If you feel that your motivation is becoming a major problem you can visit the academic counsellors


Being a student is not always a walk in the park. During your time at the TU Delft you’ll have to deal with many different requirements and expectations. This might contribute to a feelings of stress. A bit of stress in busy periods, like during the exam weeks, might not always be a bad thing. It can help you study more effectively. However, if the stress is taking over you should visit the academic counsellors. If necessary, you can also visit a student psychologist.


It is important to plan your studies. However, this can be quite challenging. There is a lot to do in a limited amount of time!  If you don’t plan your studies, you might end up focussing on the wrong thing or not having enough time to prepare well for the exams you would really like to pass. If you have difficulties managing your time it might be a good idea to take a look at the workshops on time management from smartstudie or visit the academic counsellors.


Even if you have planned everything correctly, to start studying can be quite difficult. Sometimes it’s tempting to postpone your studies and do other things instead. The long term gratification of studying gets overshadowed by the short term gratification of checking your Facebook, gaming, hanging with friends etc. Everybody procrastinates from time to time. However it can become such an obstacle that it can lead to a delay in your studies. The following article gives some insight on such behaviour and how to deal with it!