Now Available: "ProgreSSIon; Safety & Security in a Changing World"

Magazine on the occasion of 10 years TU Delft Safety & Security Institute

Nieuws - 09 november 2023

Today, TU Delft Safety & Security Institute launches the magazine progreSSIon: Safety & Security in a Changing World. The magazine is published to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the institute, and it presents a sample of the many innovative activities at TU Delft within the extensive fields of safety & security.  

In today’s world, safety & security are more important than ever, with both fields dominating the newspapers”, Aukje Hassoldt writes in her editorial for this magazine. TU Delft Safety & Security Institute brings together people and knowledge on ‘safety’ (harmful incidents due to natural disasters or human error), and ‘security’ (incidents involving malicious intent, for example, by terrorists or criminals). “Delft University of Technology has a long and strong history of research in the fields of safety & security. Still, it has never been presented quite like in this magazine. In addition, we have added insights from some of our partners to broaden the perspective.”

Changing world

How do we realise those values of safety & security in a world with rapid innovations in AI and other digital technologies, a transformation process towards a sustainable and circular economy, amidst major geopolitical developments and challenges such as climate change? This ‘changing world’ became the guiding theme for this magazine.


With interviews, personal stories, opinions, and explorations around various application domains, the magazine shows how TU Delft researchers collaborate across disciplines with many different stakeholders. As Aukje writes, “today’s grand challenges can no longer be solved with a single perspective or approach. They have a strong technological component and take place in a complex setting with many stakeholders, with different values at stake and different views on the world.” This is what the magazine explores in various ways.

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