The second year (MSc 3 and MSc 4) is largely filled in with the Graduation Laboratory.

There are a limited number of possible graduation research projects, all strongly connected to specific research projects of the department. The possible graduation projects vary from time to time. As an example, below is a list of the graduation topics students could choose from in a certain period.

1. Co-creation: in the middle of a living lab
Leading Researchers: Agnes Franzen, Sake Zijlstra

2. Circular economy and energy efficient renovations
Leading Researchers: Eefje Stutvoet, Vincent Gruis, Anke van Hal, Matthijs Prins

3. Adaptive Reuse; Upgrading buildings and cities to suit new conditions
Leading Researchers: Hilde Remoy, Rob Geraedts, Anke van Hal, Erwin Heurkens

4. Collaboration & integration in construction
Leading Researchers: Matthijs Prins, Clarine van Oel, Ruben Vrijhoef, Jelle Koolwijk

5. Smart campus tools – how to improve space utilization
Leading Researchers: Alexandra den Heijer, Ruud Binnekamp

6. Successful Corporate Real Estate strategies to support profitability and competitive
Leading Researchers: Ilir Nase

7. The catalytic function of flagship buildings for urban development
Leading Researchers: Wouter Jan Verheul, Philip Koppels

8. Integrated Facades as a Product-Service System
Leading Researchers: Alexandra den Heijer, Tillman Klein, Marleen Hermans, Juan Azcarate