LB2630: Fundamentals in mass spectrometry in “Molecular Analytical Methods” for Bachelor Life Science and Technology

LM3434: A journey through the world of protein modifications and the art of protein analysis in “Advanced Protein Chemistry and Analysis”, for the Master Life Science & Technology

LM3341: An introduction to OMICS technologies “Microbial OMICS, for the Master Life Science & Technology

LM3611: Community proteomics (metaproteomics) in “Microbial Community Engineering” for Master Life Science and Technology

Postgraduate Education: Community proteomics (metaproteomics) in Advanced course in Environmental Biotechnology

Postgraduate Education: Discovery & quantitative microbial proteomics in Microbial Physiology and Fermentation Technology

Postgraduate Education: Mass spectrometry based proteomics & metabolomics techniques in Integrated Multi-Omics Approaches