About me

I completed my B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in General Chemistry at the University of Vienna. During my studies, I had the opportunity to work at several Austrian research institutions where I gained experience in developing (bio-)sensors for the selective detection of a variety of chemicals and biomolecules.

At TU Delft

I am excited to be joining Dr. Alina Rwei's research group to continue my research in the field of biosensor technology for my PhD. I will be contributing to the Convergence Initiative, a collaborative effort between TU Delft, Erasmus Medical Centre, and Erasmus University Rotterdam as part of the Flagship program 'Personalized, Real-Time Health Impact of Climate Change and Pollution.' Our research aims to develop a wearable sensor capable of continuously and simultaneously detecting specific biomarkers, metabolites, and vitamins to monitor a patient's immunological state. Through this research, we hope to identify patients' responses to environmental stressors and acquire vital data for preventing diseases that arise from them.

L.R. Fasching

PhD candidate