Sietse Kuipers

My name is Sietse Kuipers. I have studied at the University of applied science Leiden where I graduated in 2013 for my bachelor in organic chemistry. After my graduation I started working as a lab assistant at the University of applied science Leiden. My duties included maintenance of various analytical devices, giving instructions to students during practical lessons and being responsible for the safety at the laboratories.  At my time in Leiden I also developed and improved my analytical chemistry skills to become more of an “all round” chemist. Although I am still an organic chemist by heart, I’ve also worked with GC-FID/MS, HPLC/GPC, FT-IR, H1-NMR, DSC, AAS, ICP-OES  and  Titrinos/dosimat devices.

In 2020 I started as a technician at the TU Delft at the department ASM (advanced soft matter). My activities at the moment are helping PhDs and MSc/BSc students with their research and also being responsible for ordering chemicals/consumables and the safety of the ASM labs. I am also responsible for the MALDI-TOF, HPLC-MS and GPC systems.