The section Biomedical Imaging (BI) develops new photonic imaging devices (PET, SPECT, X-ray CT and Optical Tomography) for biomedical research and clinical applications. The group also participates in developing advanced research applications of this imaging technology that includes, but is not limited to, research on heart and brain diseases, cancer, bone diseases and theragnostic therapies. Today the imaging devices co-developed in this group with the industry are in use by thousands of researchers in pharmaceutical companies and academic hospitals across the globe.

Scans made with scanners developed in our group. Top: Mouse SPECT=PET-CT with 4 different isotopes (P.E.B. Vaissier et al, Integration of small animal SPECT and PET with other imaging modalities, TvNG 2013). Bottom: Beating mouse heart (4D in vivo Molecular Microscopy of the Mouse Heart, N. Befera, C. Badea & G. Johnson, Center for in vivo Microscopy, Duke University).